Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life Day Three

I have been amazed at how aware of my everyday routines this project has made me.  I am truly blessed even if some days I feel harried (and mostly feel behind).  I am not always smiley happy every minute of the day - and sometimes I expect my family/co-workers to read my mind - which of course is an unrealistic expectation... but more about that later.

I had asked my son at college to take some photos of his day - I got a few in the morning, not so many after that... hoping that today will be better.  The transition back to college is always a little tough - and he has been rather contemplative this year.  He is usually rather contemplative - and that's ok!

Here is his routine from getting up to walking out his apartment door and the view on the main street walking to campus.

He is spoiled with his own bathroom. Boy I'm jealous!

I love that he's got all the important stuff right near him. His beloved Bears (pillow), flag for family and roots and the framed scene from Barcelona that he bought on our vacation in December. That reminds him that maybe his parents ( and especially his mom :-) might be cool to hang out with he is an "adult". 

True college guy apartment with the dogs playing poker!

Walking to campus. I asked for a few more today. Let's see how that goes!

My day started the same as most.  My lab loves to follow me around in the morning - here he is waiting outside the bathroom door for me to finish drying my hair.

Again my hubby drives me to the train which I take to work. I am an early riser so I often see them raising the flags on the building across the river.  It is nice to see this as a start to my day.

Work was completely crazy today - back to back meeting, including our monthly division meeting - with one 1/2 time slot to get the rest of my work done - ha!

While I was at work, hubby and son worked on painting front door and back windows- an extremely long over due projects!

Headed out to our suburban office for a special strategy meeting (took the train out) and had a good meeting.  But first another view of the river and tourist boats- my favorite!

My boss (& President of company) happens to live very close to my house and even closer to my grandmother's house.  I went to visit her again today - as I have almost every day I have been able for the last 2 months since she fell and broke her arm and hip.  She is one very tough cookie for almost 92 years old.  Forgot again to get a photo.... tonight for sure!

On the way home, my boss had to pick up his dog from doggie day care - another lab (this time a chocolate like our first lab!).

From the big lunch at work I wasn't hungry and I was excited our dance class, lesson and demo!

So class tonight was merengue ( we can totally handle that), then our lesson was different in that we had 2 instructors- so each could work and go twice as fast! We worked on rhumba, cha-cha and bachata!

Here's the hubby with our instructor whom we love!! Next the demo included more advanced steps ( where we could be) if/when we continue on lessons. Tango, hustle, salsa etc....


But wait the evening was still not over as when I got home I ran right to the computer to join the Scrap Orchard chat with the featured designer - Kristin Aagard for part of her freebies. My oldest son had logged in for me. 

Final goodnight for tonight for my son, as he watches Netflix - I will miss him...

Till tomorrow!

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