Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week in the Life Day 7

I'm so glad I stuck with this project! Today's pics are more about outings since normally we are free to go out at least part of the day on Sunday. We also have obligations, and that includes taking care and visiting with my grandmother and mother in law. We are very fortunate to have them still with us- and the summer has seen some deteriorating health from both of them- so we are even more cognizant of the needs that they have and how we need to fill those gaps for them. 

But first we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden- one of my favorite places to go. We had wanted to go around my birthday, but schedules and weather didn't cooperate. It almost didn't cooperate on Sunday either - but it turns out it was a fantastic time to visit- not too hot or crowded and we got a great walk in to! Let me share a few images

This one ended up being my favorite picture of the wel. I love that my hubby likes the same things I do- and we just really enjoy these little mini adventures. It's something that we definitely have more time now that the boys are both off at school ( at least this week they will be..). 

Yea my hubby doesn't shave I. The weekends- drives me crazy sometimes, but after 25 years you can only bang your head so many times!

They have a super special plant that is about to flower at the Garden which we just happened to be there at the right time! This plant only blooms once every 3-7 years- and they have had this bulb/corn for 12 years so it's the first time for this particular plant. It was cool to see and now we are checking the 24 camera to see when it blooms ( for 36 hours only!). It's called a Corpse flower because of the strong smell when it blooms. 

While we walked around my son was at his last day at work. He's been a head life guard at one of the water park pools by our house. He is super conscientious and has done a great job. I got him to take a few pics at the pool ( sun finally came out!)

My other son was busy taking Marching Band photos and they also headed to the local water park with his section mates- a tradition they started last year when it was a 100 degrees!!

Visited with my mom in law and grandma as our Sunday tradition. Added to the now have to pay her bills look at the mil etc. still happy to be able to help!

And they are so happy for the company of each other. 

Terrible lighting but I don't care!

After dropping off my
Mother in Law with groceries ( my husband shopped while I chatted with the ladies) we stopped by my sister's house since she was babysitting her little granddaughter- crazy to think my younger sister has a granddaughter! She is adorable and we live her to pieces. 

A few snack before dinner

And furry visitors with my step-mom

And the most random Antique car parked in front of my house.  I thought this was a great way to end this fantastic week. I'll be back to share my digi version of WITL.  Thanks for looking and following my journey!

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