Wednesday, November 1, 2017

School Album - Part 3: Creating Layouts

This post was first publish over at Amber LaBau Designs, here. | School Albums

Today, I'm sharing the next part of my School Albums Series. Previous posts were about  Organizing and Photographing Artwork (Part 1), and Making a Plan (Part 2). "Making a Plan" showcased my first two layouts which I plan to repeat for every school year. I recently spent some more time photographing artwork and other items from my daughter's 2nd Grade year (last year) and I'm back to show you what I'm doing with that. | School Albums

I feel that if you are behind (like me), it is good to start with the current year and work backward. So, I'm working on DD's last school year in second grade. It was freeing to be able to recycle that pile of papers after getting it all photographed. (I did keep 3 pieces of artwork that I plan to frame for myself and also use to create holiday gifts for family!) | School Albums

I chose to put photos in among the artwork and paperwork samples. I quickly went through my 2017-18 archives for the school year months to select the highlights related to school and extra-curricular activities. They are sprinkled chronologically with artwork that went with the season, but it wasn't a strict guideline. | School Albums

I wanted to include a lot of artwork, but also some of her writing. I plan to include a birthday picture, each year, like the one above with her number 8 candle. I really liked finding writing and artwork that described her second grade self. There was even one written by a classmate. | School Albums
Finally, saving all these pieces of school work is paying off! I love how the artwork combined with the photos has turned out. Coming soon, more pages for Second Grade that include pieces I want to include as originals.

Holly Genc