Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week in the Life - 2015 Edition Day One

So I decided last week that I really needed to get into the groove and attempt Ali Edward's Week in the Life. I thought about doing it last week since it was my birthday and I was traveling for work, and both of my sons were home ( most importantly) but in the end I thought I really wanted to follow along with everyone else and enjoy the enthusiasm!

Capturing the everyday details in my life is something I do occasionally but not on a regular basis. Understanding where I am now and looking back later is a real gift- it especially resonated after I read Cathy Zielski's blog post . 

So my plan is to include this in my regular  2015 digital book, but that also might change. I bought some of the digi files from Ali's site and I will use The Lilypad's Memory Pockets Monthly August Edition - Almanac. There are some great cards that fit this theme perfectly!

Another great resource was a few things I heard on the Scrap Gals podcast- specifically talking about Ali's #WITL. Megan from the Nerd Nest talk about things that she has been successful in the past. I lived the idea of focusing one day on each member of my family. Since one of the boys is already at school it might be a little more difficult but I will keep to it and figure it out!

Now on to my day and some photos and my first spread. 

Here is my cover photo for this project. I love it from our recent trip to central IL. 

Our morning routine is back to normal since hubby is back at school so early alarm and both of us getting up

At the train station. And then heading to the office in the morning which included a meeting outside of the office. Since I work downtown and take the train downtown, I got a rental car and took some selfie photos in the car and some of the typical site downtown- both in the car and walking back after dropping off the car. 

I had left my son a "to do list" for outside work so he had questions and we did FaceTime for further details. 

We had an employee event with lots of fun Olympic "games" that I documented. Here is Bozo buckets with bean bags. 

After work was fairly simple-  life was crazy last week so I really wanted to spend time just hanging out with my oldest before he goes back next week. Dinner was a mixture of cheese quesadillas and leftovers.

Loading the dishwasher with "help" from the puppy. He licks each plate and fork, spoon just in case they aren't clean enough to go into the machine.

Today I will interview my hubby, so I got him to take a selfie at work too!

I will come back later to share my day each day and then my layouts to go along with each day.  I am so excited to document my Week in the Life

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