Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life Day 5

Since I spent most of day in the office, I thought it would be good to show some of the details of the things that I see everyday from my little corner of the office.  I set my camera to timer to take a selfie!

These are some of my favorite pictures of my kids through the year.  I also love how the frames really match the mood of the photos! The plastic football men are from my alma mater - a gift my hubby (something he definitely likes better than I, but I still appreciated the thought!)

I use a collection of mugs to hold my assortment of pens, pencils, paper and binder clips etc.  I like to have lots of fun pens and pencils from my travels and of course Donald Duck - my favorite!! These make me smile every time I get a paper clip.

Speaking of Donald - I have a small collection (and a bit of dust!)  Maybe I need some more soon :-)

One of the gals in the office is getting married soon - and was trying out cupcakes instead of  a wedding cake.  They just look so beautiful - we will have to wait for the tasting results.  Its amazing how these little cakes have taken everyone's imagination.

Love the outdoor dining that is everywhere in Chicago during the summer.  Its something that helps get us through the long and cold winter!  The flowers are also everywhere - on the streets and planter boxes and plazas.  When I am super busy and leaving the work super tired at the end of the day - and see the folks out enjoying a beverage - I get a bit jealous and think that maybe one day it will be my turn! Well on Friday I did go out and meet a client for a beverage after work - and again always fun things to see in a big city

like a funky ice cream truck

and cool interior for the bar

and col lighted structures along Congress Parkway

and a view of Trump Tower in the distance.  So my hubby is super supportive of my work and came to pick me up  and bring me home..

Since it was already super late, we picked up dinner at the local "fast food" place and hubby had picked up a nice bottle of cheap wine at Costco.  Drinking out of my favorite cup that was my birthday present 3 or 4 years ago. Everyone has their favorite glass to drink out of - and none of them match!

Finished packing for the Scrapbook Expo that will be held in Schaumburg over the weekend.  I was good and only signed up for the crop - but I am excited that Becky Higgins will be teaching - I hope to get to meet her!.  I have a few mini books that I will be finishing that I will give to future Make A Wish kids (my hubby and I volunteer) and to finish the journaling for my Europe albums from 2012... wish me luck and see you tomorrow.

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