Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week in the Life- 2015 Edition:Day 2

I have already so enjoyed this process of documenting my everyday life. This is a great adventure- and even more importantly I am getting my family to help me in my documenting journey. This day I am going to document myself.. You would think it would be easier but maybe not so much... We will see as the day progresses

I am very fortunate that I work in a beautiful city with some spectacular views. Here I was at a meeting and I got to enjoy the spectacular view. But let me not get ahead of myself. 

Starting first thing in the morning, my work day routine is not too different. I get up around 5:00am ( well the alarm technical my goes off at 4;50am- but then there are a couple to more snoozes depending on my hubby who is in that side of the bed), feed the dogs, start the water for coffe (him) and tea (me) and let them out. Shower, dress and makeup- while hubby takes 10 minutes to get ready-I am not that quick (although I don't take too long...). I got hubby to take pics of me this morning putting on my makeup 

Here you can see part of our big bathroom renovation. That took a huge part of our summer ( and summer money's) but I am so happy being able to use this shower again. Now to decide on a shower curtain...

Jack always hangs out on our bed while I'm getting ready. 

Since I was out of town last week- still not organized with the grocery thing, so my favorite fast restaurant is McD's- egg white delight for breakfast 

Train to work and walk to office in morning is always great- even in bad weather. 

Mostly in my office today, but the view to the river is really nice (except when they ring the bells when testing the bridges- instant headache day!) 

I did get this pic when I got to office and published my blog post yesterday. 

As I said the view is VERY nice. But not as nice as the view from the 30th floor where my afternoon meeting was and my cover photo for today!

Lunchtime is usually spent at my desk checking emails and my favorite digi shop forums but again, lunch/grocery thing not organized so I had to step out- not that I mind in beautiful weather like we have been having! Here I went to my favorite Mediterranean food place- Roti. Yummy falafel salad. 

Lots of folk out in the afternoon as well on the way to the train- lots of outdoor patio areas to take advantage of in summer, plus the water taxi and other tourist boats- very nice on a nice day. Sometimes makes you forget your day at work. 

After work was not as exciting- visited my grandmother ( where I promptly forgot to take a pic! Although  I am going again today- so need to remember!!!), diner of pulled pork I made on Sunday night in the crock pot (also trying to use up all the stuff in my freezers which are out of control!), order some of my son's books for school then we did something fun! We had taken dance lessons about 8 years ago for almost 2 years (so 6 six years ago). Well about 2 months ago they had a "reunion" party and we were hooked again!! We got a free lesson and then hubby got me a few lessons for my b-day present. We both are loving it!! We are trying to make it to more classes- since otherwise it's super expensive and you don't get proficient. We went to a practice party last night- tonight is another lesson and "demo"- their version of the hard sell. The folks are all super, super nice and we have the same instructor we had 6 years ago- who we adore!!

Huge rainstorm while we were dancing but basically stopped while we were driving home. A little TV ( we almost only watch Travel channel or travel shows at night) then off to bed at nearly 11pm. Late for us but hubby is off tomorrow so he didn't feel the need to sleep so early. 

Tomorrow I'm going to get my son to take pics of his day at school. 

Ali Edwards Week in the Life - you are genius!! Till tomorrow- love this project!