Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pirate's Cove Theme Park Pocket Pages

My post this week is a fun two-page layout I did with a Design A and Design B pocket page. I really like the Design B for vertical photos since you only have to have 3 per side. I will admit, if I start taking vertical photos, I keep in mind that I need at least 3. Since starting pocket page style scrapbooking, I find myself mainly taking horizontal photos because I can always crop it to a 3x4. If I don't have enough verticals for a whole vertical page, I'll just shrink it to 3x4. What do you do?

This layout was a super fun day that included so many great outdoor photos, thus the two page layout. We went to a fun little theme park geared for the younger age set. It was a blast. The July Take 10 Kit green/purple cards were great for these photos. 

We weren't far from IKEA, so we got that errand done, too. The carts are so fun and you have to get ice cream on the way out. 

I loved capturing this moment. Big brother feeding his ice cream cone to baby brother.

Holly Genc
Take 10 Kits Creative Team

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