Sunday, August 30, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook with Scrapbook Supplies

Hi! Holly here! I'm so excited to share my first Midori Traveler's Notebook with you! I am loving the creative outlet it has given me. We just went on a family vacation to the Oregon Coast and I did a little prep to bring along a travel journal. I plan to share how I prepped (the night before departing!) in a post later this week here at So, if interested in that, be sure to follow me! (Instagram | Facebook)

We got back from our week long trip on August 25 and this last week, I've been adding watercolor, markers, stamps and embellishments using my August Take 10 Kit by The Studio 29 Designs, LLC. 
I finally broke out the Michael's watercolor set that I bought.  I used a mix of markers and watercolor and my white Signo pen to create the waves. That little tiny sun is from the weather planner stamp set
I used my stash of past Take 10 Kit stamps throughout this journal. That ice cream cone was from the June Take 10 Kit (and still in the Studio 29 Designs shop here). I brushed on several layers of watercolor to make it opaque. "Life's short, so eat dessert first" is from the Foodie stamp set. It was so perfect in this journal spot about eating ice cream for lunch one day on the bay front. And I stamped "oh yeah" from the current August kit (Wonder Stamp Set) on white cardstock to layer above my ice cream cone.

This month's kit had a travel theme to it, which was perfect timing for me. When I saw the globes, planes and such, I knew I would be using them in this travel journal.

You can't tell by what I've shared that there is any room for photos, but there is! I plan on doing some pocket pages in a mini-album or maybe in my regular Project Life 2015 album; but I also want to add a few picture highlights to this travel journal also. That's the next phase!

This project is so much fun for me. I encourage you to do this on your next trip! I'll be sharing more details on how I set mine up to make it easy to complete.

Holly Genc

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week in the Life Day 7

I'm so glad I stuck with this project! Today's pics are more about outings since normally we are free to go out at least part of the day on Sunday. We also have obligations, and that includes taking care and visiting with my grandmother and mother in law. We are very fortunate to have them still with us- and the summer has seen some deteriorating health from both of them- so we are even more cognizant of the needs that they have and how we need to fill those gaps for them. 

But first we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden- one of my favorite places to go. We had wanted to go around my birthday, but schedules and weather didn't cooperate. It almost didn't cooperate on Sunday either - but it turns out it was a fantastic time to visit- not too hot or crowded and we got a great walk in to! Let me share a few images

This one ended up being my favorite picture of the wel. I love that my hubby likes the same things I do- and we just really enjoy these little mini adventures. It's something that we definitely have more time now that the boys are both off at school ( at least this week they will be..). 

Yea my hubby doesn't shave I. The weekends- drives me crazy sometimes, but after 25 years you can only bang your head so many times!

They have a super special plant that is about to flower at the Garden which we just happened to be there at the right time! This plant only blooms once every 3-7 years- and they have had this bulb/corn for 12 years so it's the first time for this particular plant. It was cool to see and now we are checking the 24 camera to see when it blooms ( for 36 hours only!). It's called a Corpse flower because of the strong smell when it blooms. 

While we walked around my son was at his last day at work. He's been a head life guard at one of the water park pools by our house. He is super conscientious and has done a great job. I got him to take a few pics at the pool ( sun finally came out!)

My other son was busy taking Marching Band photos and they also headed to the local water park with his section mates- a tradition they started last year when it was a 100 degrees!!

Visited with my mom in law and grandma as our Sunday tradition. Added to the now have to pay her bills look at the mil etc. still happy to be able to help!

And they are so happy for the company of each other. 

Terrible lighting but I don't care!

After dropping off my
Mother in Law with groceries ( my husband shopped while I chatted with the ladies) we stopped by my sister's house since she was babysitting her little granddaughter- crazy to think my younger sister has a granddaughter! She is adorable and we live her to pieces. 

A few snack before dinner

And furry visitors with my step-mom

And the most random Antique car parked in front of my house.  I thought this was a great way to end this fantastic week. I'll be back to share my digi version of WITL.  Thanks for looking and following my journey!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in the Life Day 6

Definitely the highlight of my week was meeting this wonderful lady! She has been an inspiration since the beginning of my scrapping journey. I fell in love with scrapping by reading Creating Keepsakes magazine. Becky was one of the key contributors- her sketches have completely rocked my world. Its definitely the inner architect that loves straight lines. Then her hand lettering became the craze and then my inner creativity took flight! Fast forward a LOT of years and I bought the original 365 Project that Becky designed. While I was not successful in finishing the first year- I was completely enthralled by the concept of documenting our weeks ( hmmm...). A few years later I was definitely ready to try this again- and I've been documenting continuously since Dec of 2011- almost 4  whole years! 

So although there not all my regular scrappy friends could attend- there were a couple of us that could and we signed up early for the all day crop! I was going to be good and only crop ( and just in paper since I didn't want to spend $145 on electrical connection!!). Well that didn't quite happen ....

Lots of fun goodies to win- none of which I won of course. Oh well still lots of goodies that we got- each person got to pick one kit- I chose Heidi Swapp's Believe Memory File kit. I have wanted to do a mini book for my Christmas memories from when my kids were little so I thought this was a good choice. 

Paper scrapping again after a long hiatus - I still really love paper but I am very glad I have gone to digital!

The theme was Wizard of Oz - and some people went all out!!

A new friend Jennifer who really likes arrows - scrappers are so nice!

Now to the highlight of my day - the Project Life Booth was beautiful and so well organized.  This is the Prismatic kit that was stunning..

I got to chat with Becky's brother Kevin - who is even nicer in person than he appears online.  I love that Becky's hubby is so supportive of Becky's endeavors and is with her on these weekend jaunts.  This is so wonderful to see!!

Lots of fun contests during the crop - table decorating, costumes, scarecrows etc.  Here are a few pics of the festivities...

Overall a great day.  I missed out on the birthday festivities for Marco but I got a lot done and had a fantastic time.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life Day 5

Since I spent most of day in the office, I thought it would be good to show some of the details of the things that I see everyday from my little corner of the office.  I set my camera to timer to take a selfie!

These are some of my favorite pictures of my kids through the year.  I also love how the frames really match the mood of the photos! The plastic football men are from my alma mater - a gift my hubby (something he definitely likes better than I, but I still appreciated the thought!)

I use a collection of mugs to hold my assortment of pens, pencils, paper and binder clips etc.  I like to have lots of fun pens and pencils from my travels and of course Donald Duck - my favorite!! These make me smile every time I get a paper clip.

Speaking of Donald - I have a small collection (and a bit of dust!)  Maybe I need some more soon :-)

One of the gals in the office is getting married soon - and was trying out cupcakes instead of  a wedding cake.  They just look so beautiful - we will have to wait for the tasting results.  Its amazing how these little cakes have taken everyone's imagination.

Love the outdoor dining that is everywhere in Chicago during the summer.  Its something that helps get us through the long and cold winter!  The flowers are also everywhere - on the streets and planter boxes and plazas.  When I am super busy and leaving the work super tired at the end of the day - and see the folks out enjoying a beverage - I get a bit jealous and think that maybe one day it will be my turn! Well on Friday I did go out and meet a client for a beverage after work - and again always fun things to see in a big city

like a funky ice cream truck

and cool interior for the bar

and col lighted structures along Congress Parkway

and a view of Trump Tower in the distance.  So my hubby is super supportive of my work and came to pick me up  and bring me home..

Since it was already super late, we picked up dinner at the local "fast food" place and hubby had picked up a nice bottle of cheap wine at Costco.  Drinking out of my favorite cup that was my birthday present 3 or 4 years ago. Everyone has their favorite glass to drink out of - and none of them match!

Finished packing for the Scrapbook Expo that will be held in Schaumburg over the weekend.  I was good and only signed up for the crop - but I am excited that Becky Higgins will be teaching - I hope to get to meet her!.  I have a few mini books that I will be finishing that I will give to future Make A Wish kids (my hubby and I volunteer) and to finish the journaling for my Europe albums from 2012... wish me luck and see you tomorrow.