Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Take 10 Tuesday: Pocket Page Layout Tip

Have you ever rearranged the order of the cards in your layout AFTER you are completely done creating the layout??? I know, it sounds crazy, but sometimes, this crazy tip can really boost your layout's balance.

In a nutshell, my process typically goes like this:
1. Pick out photos and arrangement using the Project Life App
2. Crop or resize photos and edit, if needed.
3. Print photos.

At this point, I've put my physical pictures into the designated slots per my Project Life App "plan". (Side note: I use "place holders" for my cards in the App that won't necessarily be the actual cards I use) Then come cards. Then come embellishments. And finally, journaling.

Here was my PL app plan for this layout:

And after I've done my embellishing and journaling, here's where I'm at:

A few things happened. I replaced the top right photo (3) with a different one I liked better. I added a digital title "Foster Beach, Chicago" to the bottom left photo (2).  The title made me want to move that photo to a top slot and I also tried out rearranging the 3x4's, which changed it to this:

Photo 3 felt a little off-balanced in that position, so I moved it to the bottom right. But doing that changed a string of other decisions and I ended up with this final layout. I really like the balance it created. The three heart stamps on cards 1, 8 and 3 now create a visual triangle that I liked.

I see pocket page layouts as a whole with lots of parts. You want the whole page to flow nicely, but as you work, you are looking at each part individually. So, sometimes, the "whole" needs rearranging after the "parts" have been created.

So, the next time you complete a layout,  step back and see if moving the cards slightly (or not so slightly) gives you more balance.

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Holly Genc


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