Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life- Day Four

The I'm I am still amazed at how much I have enjoyed this project and so thankful that family has embraced ( as much as young men embrace anything...) this has been a week to realize the blessings I have and may take for granted.

Again my work week revolves around work. But today I had an out of office meeting to look at a potential future project. I am so luck that my oldest son drove me to the meeting and got a ride back from an office mate that also attended the walk through. I got to spend some time with my son and even got a great selfie too! I am so blessed that I don't need to drive to work !

So love spending time with my boys! Even if it is just driving to a morning meeting!

I am actually happy with this selfie- I am definitely my worst critic but I need to be better. 

So not every new project is exciting but they are important to have the right volume and variety of work to keep everyone busy and profitable.

I am currently obsessed with this building along the river. I noticed it about 2 months ago and I'm not sure when this occurred but they have a map of their building location ( their building is the red block) - brilliant!

So back to the office and my lunch date with a potential new client got rescheduled. So I went to a new place for lunch- truly a "food court" in a nearby office building- great to find a new place. 

And then back to work with my lunch to eat at my desk- that happens too often but I also can have lots of flexibility so that is the trade off. Yummy shrimp tacos with chipotle mayo and avocado. 

Part of the great part of this week was also able to get both of my kids have joined in to share photos with me. 

Younger son already at school- walk to class and lecture hall. 

So happy to have these! And now the older son - his day still at home is documented - at the gym, watching videos (he LOVES the piano guys since he is a string player..)

He even got a "foot" picture!

 And practice time selfie...

So the rest of the day I was not so good at taking pictures and it was still a busy day as I volunteered to serve on an alumni panel from my University from a diverse background.  I was an amazing amount of fun talking with these potential incoming students and their parents.  I even ran into a gal whose son was in Cub Scouts with my kids way back in the day - small world right??

While I was at the presentation, my hubby and son were upstairs enjoying their own pizza! Pepperoni is pretty much everyone's favorite...

And to end on a very big irony note - the location for the presentation was where I had my Sweet Sixteen party!  See you all tomorrow...

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