Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Week in the Life- Day 2

So Day 2 was a little different than most days since I worked from home due to having some work done at my house. I was excited to finally do some projects that don't sound too exciting... We were having our attic insulated, a bathroom vent installed and also our final window replaced. So here is the funny part. We had them in the house replacing windows about a month ago, but we forgot 1 window and it's the one we see everyday in the bathroom!!! Ugh! 

So we took advantage of some utility company rebates to help pay for the work in the attic so that was great. However we woke up and it was pouring rain... I mean pouring!! It did make the day even harder. I had to make sure the dogs were out of the way and quiet and not in the way of the workers. 

I was trying to be productive for work and I sat looking out my kitchen window. The spring is a great time to look out the windows- especially with the our wonderful new windows! My son took some professional tests and then we treated ourselves to Portillos! Not quite within the WW system but everything is open and you just need to track it! I did enjoy my weekend treat- hot tea made in my favorite little teapot that we got in New Zealand- makes me remember what an amazing trip we had. I love getting special "momentos" on each trip so I can use it as way to relive all those great memories since I can't pull out an album every time. 

I love this teapot from New Zealand. 

The driveway was hoping with both contractors vying for position. 

Trying to keep the puppies happy and out of the way!

Lunchtime treat. 1 test down 2 more to go this week. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

My view late in the day- had to get my post in the Facebook group though!

Since the contractors were working in multiple parts of the house I had to pick up almost the whole house and I got a bunch of laundry done too!!

My son texted me some photos late in the day because he hasn't been feeling well. The exchange included instructions on drinking fluids, soup and visiting nurse if conditions didn't improve. He's 22 but nice to know he still needs his mom sometimes!

I didn't get any pictures of dinner( yummy homemade chicken tenders made with cracker crumbs and Trader Joe's french fried onions) or that we went dancing with our class- I will try to get those on Thursday when we go back for our lessons. 

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