Sunday, May 1, 2016

Disney Snap mini album

Happy Sunday everyone - at least everyone in North America! It's Luly here to share with you my favorite mini album that I have completed! In case you hadn't noticed yet, both Holly and I are great Disney lovers but unfortunately we don't always get to go as often as we like...that's part of the reason why this album is my fav!

I've been so inspired listening (or re-listening) to some of my favorite podcasts - Scrap Gals, Magic Memory Keepers and of course the one that started it all Paper Clipping Roundtable - and they keep talking about storytelling. I even signed up for the audio course with Shimelle and PRT called the Story Centered Album - it was fabulous! I travel alot to work (mostly trains and cars) and for work (about 1 time per month) so I have a lot of listening, and not so much watching time so the audio course is a perfect complement.

This mini album really tells the story of my adventure as the lead parent chaperone for my son's high school Band Disney trip.  It was an amazing experience but I'm so, so, so glad I never need to do it again!  It was the most exhausting week of my life - but I was blessed to able to share it with my son...and more importantly it begins to tell the story of my "new" (at the time) budding adult relationship with my son!

I used my favorite Snap Album from Simple Stories and the first Simple Stories multi-colored Snap line. Yes Say Cheese was already out but I already owned the Snap collection and wanted to use it up. (Stash Busting yes!!) For my next time at Disney I have Say Cheese, Say Cheese II and lots to Pocket Mouse kits from The Lilypad  - that will definitely be a hybrid album!

Without further adieu here is my mini album, hope you enjoy (ps...beware lots of pictures ahead)!!

I created a cute spine label - I am not always good at labeling my spines, but I should because it makes me so happy when I do!

I love using post cards in my albums - and here I am using it as the cover of my album

The overall map of Disney pulls out with the tab, plus I added a calendar of the dates we were there with a mini mickey head punch out

 I was even able to save a few fast passes  - and since those are a collector's items I am glad I have them now...

Covering some Non-Disney parks activities first - and the mini hurricane~ 
Tip: I printed all my photos as 4x6 - and then cut off the non important parts to create all the 3x4 pics... It would have taken me so much longer otherwise I would have to decide in advance which pictures I wanted as 3x4.

 My sister and brother in law were living in Tampa at the time, so they came by every day to see us - that was also such a wonderful part of the trip!

I was also able to join the Band during their clinic - it was a fantastic experience and they recorded the music to Lion King's stampede scene - I added a QR code inside the flap for the actual video which is so cool!

I got at least 1 dedicated photo with my son in every park! That was his "payment" to me for chaperoning! He was always busy running around with his friends - which of course is the whole reason to go right? These are some of my most treasured photos...

Here I used the guide maps as my divider pages for the album (always grab a fresh one on the way out so that it isn't wrinkled, wet or smashed!). I don't mind that it isn't strictly chronological as it is broken up by park/activity

We also had the Orchestra on the trip, and I got a picture of the whole group in front of the castle, Unfortunately no such group photo of the Marching Band - but hey they did get to march down Main Street - and the poor Orchestra's concert was cancelled due to mini hurricane that traveled through Downtown Disney where they were supposed to perform!

I also added the time guides as a fold up for every park we went to.. We were there during the Flower and Garden show so it was a beautiful time to be at Disney.

Donald Duck is my favorite!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my mini album! Its fun to go back and look at all the great memories from the trip and how it really was the beginning of something new...

Next week is iNSD (International Scrapbook Day) so watch for some great new projects from both Holly and myself to highlight our favorite memory keeping tips!!

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