Thursday, May 19, 2016

Holly: Week in the Life Day 1 - Photos and Words

I did take photos last week for Week in the Life but I wasn't fully committed until Tuesday morning. So Sunday and Monday aren't documented exactly how I wanted but that's life. This is my first year doing this project and I'm really liking it. I decided to include Sunday - Saturday because I had two non-typical weekends in a row, and felt Sun-Sat might work better.
My sister and parents were visiting for the weekend. Everyone came up yesterday to celebrate Drew's birthday early with his cousin on Saturday. Sunday included a trip to the zoo. I love this photo of Christy and her godmother/Aunt/my sis ahead of the group discussing camels or life's mysteries, or maybe both. Audrey really wanted everyone to buddy up with someone and split off. I overheard her ask her aunt, "Are you ready to head to lunch?" She was playing "Field Trip". It was adorable, but we all wanted to stay together!
That morning, I woke up at 7:00am to my middle son staring me in the face and letting me know it was time to open my present because it was Mother's Day. "We need to wait for Papa and Mimi to wake up." A little while later, he was downstairs enthusiastically telling Mimi, "Happy Monster's Day!"

Finally, around 10am, we had a proper Mother's Day gift opening. It was pure torture for Kendall to wait so long! Poor thing. He was so excited for me to open his present he made at school.

We kept the Dodge Durango we had rented for Satuday an extra day to all pile into one car to go to the zoo. We had a great day for being outside.
We had lunch shortly after we arrived.

Audrey has asked to have her face painted several times at the zoo and today was the day. We have a panda girl!
We hung out at the Treehouse for awhile. Drew was so proud he could go all the way through it without much help. He was on continual repeat.
Goofy selfie with my panda girlie. 

I think I've seen the beaver a total of 3 times during all the years I've been coming to this zoo. She's an elusive one. But, when she does come out, she is quite engaging. She would look right at us during her swim.
Hello there!

More fun at the zoo before heading back home!
This photo of my mom and sister makes me laugh. Mainly because of the bearded photo bomber in the background, Dad.

We decided to have DQ ice cream at 4:00pm and wait to eat dinner at 6:00pm. Ice cream and relaxing. The good stuff of life. 

I made Turkey Lettuce Wraps for dinner! This required an assembly demonstration. Not a great picture, but I love what it "tells". I'll have to get creative with editing to see what I can do with this one. Maybe black & white?

Time to remove the panda face. Wow. All that black just didn't want to come off. We had to take a break from cleansing. She looked like she "had a rough night." And she had to give me a silly face for the camera. 

First day of #WITL is a great one. This is going to be fun. This is my first time participating in this project by Ali Edwards. How about you? Are you participated this year? Have you in the past?

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