Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week in the Life Day 1

As I posted on Sunday there is lot I want to focus on this week but it's going to focus on word and maybe fewer pictures.  Yesterday was a good start although I didn't start taking pics until I left the train station on my way in to work. I must say I am truly inspired everyday by the beautiful view along the Chicago River. I feel so lucky to be in this amazing city- so many opportunities for work and play, food and festivals. And to top it off I love being so close to my immediate family! We celebrated with everyone on Mother's Day but that is a blog post for another day.

I had a fairly boring day at work so not too many pictures to share but lots to say  about all the changes going on at work~ mostly good!

Selfie on the train

Cool new lobby plants

I have been much better about bringing lunch to work - saves time, money and calories all of which I need to do!!

Working through lunch on a few fun things. I often have meetings at lunch or professional development webinars so it's nice sometimes to get a break and take advantage of last minute shopping for iNSD. Also bought my son some cufflinks for graduation...I know he will love them!

One of my favorite parts of the day is getting picked up at the train by my hubby... it always makes my day to see him sitting there waiting for me.

So here's the thing about DH - he is a super wonderful guy but not super romantic in the classic sense of the word - he will often pop in with flowers but always from Costco... here are the ones he got me for Mother's Day still looking good

Since I work fairly late, dinner usually has to be very simple - tonight we had ham & cheese quesadillas.  The great part about living in a large diverse city is the ability to get really good tortillas at the grocery store...I also snuck in a picture of my son - watching Netflix, and his phone and studying for a test all at the same time....

Until tomorrow...

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