Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Finishing up Photos & words WITL

Hi everyone it's Luly back with my weekend pics and words for Ali Edwards Wek in the Life. In case you have not been following along Ali runs this one week a year to really help everyone focus on your stories of everyday day life. This is my second year playing along and I have really loved the stories that these photos bring to mind. I am so so happy to play long. Here is more from Ali in her own words Week In the Life

On Saturday we had lots of errands to run and lots to catch up from a crazy week...

But first a little time checking emails, Facebook. I never sleep much past 6 am- usually 7am is a small miracle on the weekends so there is always a few minutes in the am. Definitely need to do some bookcase styling in this room!

We are supposed to meet one of our MAW girls today (we have 2 new ones this week) but it gets postponed until tomorrow. Yes my husband helps with the laundry - and no he does not fold clothes as soon as the dryer is done..and no I don't iron t-shirts as a rule!

Got to love Target shopping! Dollar section for some little gifts for our gals. Plus then of course a bunch of other stuff makes it into the cart!

I had seen the new personal sized planners from Michael's and I've been wanting to get that size, plus I have a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. 

So of course since the nice gal at Michael's went into the back to find the whole line for me- I had to call my planner buddy Mary and see if she needed anything... She had already gotten her but was driving right by M's so she stopped by. My hubby came in to take our photo! Yes it was early in the am - and neither one of us had decided that make-up was a priority!

Lunch was delicious Chicago Italian Beef- my hubby reading the sports page- he could do this at every meal but it's not ok ususally. Since he had gone to Michael's with me I gave him a pass this time!

So excited to play with my new goodies!

In the afternoon I went to go take prom pics of all the girls for my friends that were out of town for their sons graduation. We've known these girls since kindergarten and it's crazy how quickly time has gone. The weather did not cooperate as you can see. 

We did enjoy a really nice dinner with the youngest son at a local brew pub - they have like 60 beers on tap - a bit overwhelming to decide but they do let you have samples first thank goodness! We waited a bit to get seated so we just lounged a bit when we got home and watched a movie..

On Sunday, the day started as ususal for most weekends - checking computer, reading and lounging with the puppies

Here is Jack on Dad's lap

Sully doesn't quite fit but would like to!

After church we met our first MAW girl - as you can tell by her super sweet smile and adorable sweatshirt she wants to go to Disneyworld! Her little sister was even cuter - if that's even possible!

I made new wreathes for our front door and for my mother in law at the nursing home - she loves to see the changes through out the year, plus it gives her a visual clue!

This is hers - I always find recycled grapevines wreathes at the local thrift store in Dubuque so I am happy to make a bunch for her!

Here we are at stop #2 for MAW - another adorable young girl facing a life threatening illness.  We are so happy to help this fantastic organization and give back of our time. My children see that lesson too, but really we do it because these kids are so amazing  - and to see the smile on their faces and the joy that a wish brings is life changing!!

This is our typical Sunday night lounging - Jack loves to be close to my youngest.. or anybody that will cuddle with him - I finally got my lap dog!! My son and I watched a cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie on Netflix - the Best of Me - well maybe not the best movie but I love being able to share my love of chick flicks with someone in the house.

Thanks for tagging along - I'll be back at the end of the week with my completed pages to share with you...thank you again Ali for allowing us to focus on the importance of our every day life through Week in the Life

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