Friday, May 13, 2016

Day in the Life Day 3 & 4 and completed Day 1

So today I'm going to share a few pics and stories from Day 3 & 4 but also the first day of my WITL all done.

First up the completed Day 1. This year I decided to use the Ready to Go Templates from Just Jaimee May's Storyteller collection at The Lilypad. I love how these are already done for you but with the main kit there are always lots of other word bits and elements you can change out if the pre-designed doesn't work for you. On this page no changes necessary!

I will try to use 1 page per day but if I don't have enough photos for the whole page I won't mind combining them if I need to, since I know that the weekend will have more than enough pictures. Anyways my  intention is really about the stories this year. I am also using Kristin Cronin Barrows 6x12 Stories Templates 5 where I will use some of the stacked cards or frames for a bit of decorating. Here I have lots of space to tell my stories as front and back will divide each page of my book.

See lots of room to write stories for my week!

Speaking of books I will combine 2 years in one Shutterfly book- I also did WITL in 2015. Or maybe 3 lets see how  many pages I get. As I've done in the past with my Shutterfly books I will trim down some intermediate pages and add a small washi tab just to add a bit of interest and break it up a bit. 

Now onto Day 3 & 4. The weather has not been cooperating with taking nice photos or even being in a good mood. Day 3 was super foggy and overcast all day! My usual commuter train in the am. I am so grateful that I can relax (and usually digi scrap) on my way to and from work every day!

My drawer full of shoes at work - match any outfit or almost every season plus "field" shoes

My view is amazing and I love that I captured my reflection in the glass.

The food truck frenzy is starting again in earnest. Luckily I stay away for the most part - too expensive and too many calories but I do love the people watching and the amazing smells that come from these little portable restaurants!

Back from a meeting in one of my pairs of shoes. Love this green rain coat from Target!!

I have made dinner 2 nights in a row - that has not happened in a long while. Tonight marinaded chicken on the grill with grilled zuchini, my favorite white rice and cuban style black beans.

We started back dancing in the fall and I really, really like this group of crazies!!

On Day 4 the sun finally, finally came out!!

But not until after the morning and mid day rain!! McDonald's fountain Diet Coke is my vice... I am trying to do with less but it is hard... especially when the sky is so grey!

Happiness in a 32 oz cup!

Speaking of happy - look at what I pulled out the other day - must use these at work!!

Food trucks and warm weather bring out the patio goers!

On my way home and the sun is shining.. can't be a bad day

Practicing the "Deep Dish" with our long time instructor Elise - she always makes us laugh!!

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