Friday, May 20, 2016

Holly: Week in the Life Day 2 - Photos & Words

I chose this image as my beginning photo for Monday. I really like the idea of starting and ending with a full 6x8 image.

Papa, Drew and I went to breakfast at Southport Cafe. I had iced coffee with milk. We both had steel-cut oatmeal. Yum. Love this place.

Drew ate a piece of Papa's toast and had the cereal and milk that I brought. And lined up his monster trucks! "Truck Trucks" go many places with us.

Time to return the Dodge Durango that seats 7 and has built in screens for the second row passengers. Ah, but would you fit in my mini-garage? I took it back downtown and then cabbed it back home, while my parents stayed with the boys.

Special time with Papa. Drew is head-over-heels for his Papa. I usually win when it comes to Drew, but all bets are off if Papa is around.

Kendall and Mimi are having a little bit of lunch. 

Getting a little bit done on my laptop, while finishing the coffee that I got while I was downtown returning the car.

Papa and Mimi left for their train at 4:20pm. As typical, Drew cried at the sight of them leaving. He'd be fine with them just moving in. 

Catching up on last night's episode of Game of Thrones! We recently subscribed to and can only get it on our laptop.

I grabbed a GOT image from the web. 

I am using this one as a last page 6x8 for Monday. I love all the blank space to write on. Dad and I partially emptied the pots on the back deck. I plan on getting some fresh soil to replant these soon. Swept off the deck and brought out the hose for the back.

How is your #witl project going? Did you participate last week? Doing it later this year?


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