Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Anniversary Trip in my Midori

I've been so inspired by all the lovely Midori traveler's notebooks that I have been seeing out there in blog land that I knew it would be perfect to document my anniversary get away with my hubby! I've been working on a project in Mexico City since Jan of 2009 traveling about every month to 6 weeks to Mexico City or DF (Distrito Federal) as they call it. It's been a marvelous experience but that will have to wait for a separate post...I've become good friends with many of my counterparts in DF especially one gal and her hubby (who she met and married since the time I've known her). We were able to plan a last minute get away and she even graciously allowed us to hang out at her apartment! We enjoyed several  days as tourists in Mexico City and then headed out of town for the weekend to San Miguel de Allende, which was recently voted best tourist destination ( my Travel & Leisure mag came with the honor right after we arrived home!). I chose a khaki colored insert because I thought it would go the best with my photos. I used a combination of iPhone 6S plus photos but I also brought my Canon 60D which also made me super happy.

I have some large photos of my hubby (my best subject....) still trying to decide if I am using or not.

I loved this view of the Palacio de Bellas Artes in the center of the City. What I cut off in the picture was a giant line of police that where blocking the entrance to this whole area.  Never did figure out why this happened - this is a little cafeteria on the top floor of the Sears (yes that same Sears) that I just found out about! It was a wonderful little spot to end our day of adventure!

I finally got to take my hubby to Zocalo and got to see some great sites that were new to him. We actually hired a local guide when we were entering the Palacio Nacional. It was a great idea- he was so knowledgeable and even though he really only spoke Spanish- my hubby understands it very well and our guide understood any questions my hubby had in English! He guided us through the Palacio and also through the Templo Mayor - which is a very major archeological museum and amazing that it's located right in the center of the city. 

We also spent some great time in Coyoacan which is at the south end of the city. It used to be its own neighborhood now part of the greater Metro area. We went to the Frida Kahlo museum- I had been before but my hubby had not been. He loved it and the whole neighborhood was amazing. We went to a craft bazaar, had  a wonderful outdoor lunch

A couple of fun flip out - still trying to decide what I will put on the back of this page. I also used the pic stitch app to make some great collages for the album. I always have a hard time deciding on which photos... I always take a lot and I am not very good at purging them when I am done.

I'll be back later this week with my wrap up if this project and what I would do differently for my next Midori!

Have a great Tuesday!

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