Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Love This Neighborhood Community of Mine

This is my second week of photos and thoughts for a fun class I decided to join this month. #LPPLoveWhereYouLive by Little Paper Products (if you sign up, tell them Holly Genc sent you for a chance to win a free class! They have a great affiliate program.)

I live on a smaller commercial street (no buses, lots of cute shops and restaurants) in Chicago. We moved to this neighborhood almost two years ago. My oldest was starting kindergarten and public school in the city is a tricky game. We knew we wanted to move to a good neighborhood school for a few reasons.

A good neighborhood school comes with a strong, connected community. Beforehand, we were making this assumption. Now, I can say it is better than I ever imagined. The businesses support the school. The school families support our local businesses. Families support each other. We see our friends out and about in the neighborhood every day. 

Being blocks from Wrigley Field, you better be a Cubs fan here. 

Almost everything I need is right here, within walking distance. Even the kids' pediatric dentist!

My favorite dinner spot with its award winning grassfed filet.

I think my favorite thing is walking to friends' homes or having friends over to get together.

Pumpkin Painting and Games at a neighbor's house last week! So fun.

Weekend Food Trucks!! 

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