Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Your Favorite - A Card for Your Sweetheart

I spent Saturday afternoon "killing the kit". This is definitely a new record for me. I received my April Take 10 Kit from The Studio 29 Designs, LLC and had to wait until Saturday to start creating. This kit is beautiful, so it wasn't a hard task. I was on a roll.  Here are the first few items I made. I love black and white photos. I made a whole layout with them and a few select cards and a stamped embellishment from the kit.

Using black and white photos in your Project Life layout
Drew and I were taking some selfies while his brother napped next to us. It's so important to get in the photos. Selfies are an easy way to do that, especially when they are with your kids, your pet, your current favorite book. Whatever it is, take a selfie with it, or them. lol. You will be glad that you did years from now.

Using black and white photos in your Project Life layoutI loved the dandelion card. I added a tiny yellow enamel dot to it. Blue and yellow are opposite on the color wheel - that color wheel is a good bit of reassurance when selecting colors that look good together. Opposite colors are complementary, and when put together create the most contrast. Colors next to each other are called analogous, and are also a good choice.
Check out those hashtag stamps! What a great set for use on lots of Project Life style pages.

Using black and white photos in your Project Life layout. Chalking stamped embellishments

I used the flower stamp from April Take 10 Glam Bag (exclusive set only available in the kit) and then used my chalk set to color it in. I love to break out art supplies!

I'm Your Favorite Card www.paintedladiesjournal.com

When I saw this card, I thought maybe I'd do a layout about my husband or BFF, both great ideas. But then, I thought, wow, it'd make a great birthday card for my hubby! I had a yellow card and envelope from my stash.

But they were way too big to use with this 4x6 card, so I trimmed them both down. Yes, even the envelope! I used the mounted card to measure what size to trim the envelope.

I'm Your Favorite Card www.paintedladiesjournal.com
After making a few more free-hand cuts with my scissor to make it look like the original envelop, I wrapped the edges with some of the washi tape that came in the Glam Bag.

I'm Your Favorite Card www.paintedladiesjournal.com
And done! Here's the little detail that I added to the bottom right.

Have fun with those April Take 10 Kits. If you didn't get one yet, here are links to each kit:

April Take 10 Glam Bag
April Take 10 Pocket Kit

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  1. Love the layout Holly! And that card is a great way to be creative outside the box (or kit, in this case!).

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! I was so proud of myself for figuring out that particular pocket card would be great for my hubby's bday card. Hope I can find it come July 1. lol