Friday, April 15, 2016

First Quarter 2016 Crafty Goals Revisited

Did you set some crafty goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? Time to check in with each other and see how we are doing! I gave updates in bold below. This is a great way to keep yourself on track! I just had another idea for a Midori Insert - Tracking my crafty goals!! That way it's something physical that I can look at more often!

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Go here to see the original 2016 blog post.
 Update on 2015 Goals: 
 Ok, I do need to improve upon the "Organizing my Stash" goal. I did pull stuff and put them in some awesome IRIS containers, (image link below to a bundle of 4, I have 2 bundles!) but I feel like I just moved stuff around and still have too much stuff that I don't use. So, I'm going to re-do this goal. I'm going to go box by box and drawer by drawer (in my fave IKEA furniture above) and be ruthless! Anybody here a Konmari fan? If it doesn't spark JOY, tell it thank you for serving its purpose and get rid of it/give it away. Well, most of my stash sparks joy, so this may be difficult. 😂
I will be doing a post soon on how I used these boxes, so stayed tuned!
Goal #2 was working on 2 years at once. 2014 and 2015. I did kind of do this, but not in the way I originally intended. Since that post I have had the amazing opportunity to be on the Take 10 Kits Creative Team for The Studio 29 Designs, LLC. It's a dream! I love it! It keeps me scrapbooking on a weekly schedule! I found that having all of my 2014 not done became a very positive thing. It was much easier to look at the current month from a year ago and pick photos to create my layouts/projects each week. A whole month of photos to work with that work with that month's kit! So, I completed a lot of 2014, but also did the occasional 2015 layout if it made sense. And I will continue the same way this year. I put my pages in chronological order, but have also given myself the freedom to skip around between the current and previous year! It's liberating! 
Goal #3 was doing more pre-planning for Project Life. I do this, but my approach changed! I mainly use the Project Life App to record which photos and write out the journaling. I did a post on that last year, find it here. I only use the PL App now for planning! It's great. I should do an updated post on my process! Because, it's evolved...
New Goals for 2016: I'm gonna get a lot more specific here.
  1. Finish DD2015 (so close!!!)   I did this! I just need to create a finished project post to share!
  2. Put together Shutterfly Photobooks for previous year's professional family photos. I want to go back to the year my oldest was born, so that is 2009, 2010 and 2011 that I need to create. And make some Christmas Card books, like Luly has been doing! Here's a Shutterfly link, I'd love if you used on your next order.
  3. DONE! I did a review of Amy Tan's class hereFinish my Craftsy Online Classes! I've started one with Amy Tangerine. I love her tips and style. I immediately had new ideas to use. And next up is a Mixed Media class with Olya Schmidt (Paint Paper Studio!). Sign up for Craftsy classes here.  
  4. Set up and make current my kid's School Albums! I plan on doing a post to share more about what I'm doing there. My oldest is only in First Grade, so if I can do it this year, I think it's totally manageable. I have been hunting for 2 each of solid color leather 12x12 albums! I'm 2/3rd  of the way there. I still need albums for my youngest that starts PreK in the Fall. I've been researching what I want to do for each! 
  5. Finish my #LoveWhereYouLive album that I did withLittle Paper Projects. If you sign up for any classes with them, tell them Holly Genc or Painted Ladies Journal sent you! They have a nice affiliate program. I've made progress but still need some photos for my last week. And I'd like some more photos for the first week. I did get all the covers and dividers done. Hope to do a post in the next few months on the final project!
  6. Finish my Midori Traveler's Notebook I started for our Oregon trip. I got a new brown leather Midori I found one that is beautiful. I just love it! Go here for a post I did on this book! And here's the Midori I purchased:
  7. I added to it recently! See custom insert cover below. And I'm getting ready to order more (hopefully the rest) of the photos to go in it!

  8. And lastly, I want to try out the Shotbox that Luly got. It's just awesome and I might need my own. She just did a review on it. Go see what she says, here!  I did get a chance to use it! Go here for my review! "I Tried the Shotbox For Photographing Stuff!"
Ok, I could keep listing things, but I'm gonna start with these!! What do you hope to accomplish this year?
Well, I hope I do better at the next update to this list. ;) I hope I have inspired someone else to check in on their own goals or to set some goals for the year!

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