Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Take 10 Tuesday | Resize Your Stamps

Disclaimer: Many stamp companies have copyrights on their images. Please seek permission from the company before altering their stamps in any way.

The Studio 29 Designs Blog has a weekly "Take 10 Tuesday" Post and this week is my turn. Go check out past posts for more crafty tips.

Have stamp that is perfect for your layout, but need it to be a different size? That happened to me in my last layout I posted about here. I have a quick and easy solution that I whipped up with my scanner, printer and Photoshop Elements (PSE). I have a Canon Pixma one-in-all, that I used (love it.)

That ADORABLE Scoop stamp is still available, kids. Go get it here. I imagine using this stamp a TON this summer. Here's a step-by-step of what I did. There are tons of great tutorials out there for PSE basics, so please check some out if this isn't quite making sense.

  1. First, stamp the image onto white paper and scan it as a jpg.
  2. Open the jpg up in PSE. 
  3. I scaled my image down to a mini version and reset the CANVAS SIZE to 4x6 (because I knew I would print one a 4x6 piece of white cardstock). I made the resolution 300 for good printing.
  4. Make a box around the scanned image with the selection tool. 
  5. Copy and paste it. (Ctrl C, Ctrl V on a PC). It will automatically put your pasted image on a new layer.
  6. Right click on that new layer and select "duplicate layer".
  7. This third ice cream cone is where I filled in colors I liked with the paint bucket tool. Copy and paste that color combination. Then, repeat from Step 4 with new colors.
  8. After you've filled your canvas, save as a high resolution jpg.
  9. Print and fussy cut.
This took me roughly ten minutes from start to finish. If I'd been more ambitious I could have used my silhouette to cut out all of them. That seemed like too long of a process for my need at this time, but what a good idea if you need a lot of them.

Take 10 today to be crafty.
Holly Genc

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