Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week in the Life - with the Project Life app

I am hear to talk about my process and results for completing Ali Edward's Week In the Life.  Here is is a blog post that explains more about it Ali's ideas for this yearly project.  So following up with my One Little Word  (another one of Ali's great project ideas) for 2015 - "Finish" I finally got my Week in the Life finished for 2015.  This year Ali Edwards chose August 17-23, 2015 to document her entire week.  Since I am 100% digital I was looking for a way to make this project easier.  I also work full time so carrying my big DSLR was not realistic - I couldn't take it client meetings etc. So I knew that my iPhone pictures were gong to be the majority of my documentation for the week...

I chose to upload my cards through Dropbox so that I could have a larger variety of cards to pick from. I chose the Memory Pockets Monthly kit for August 2015  - Almanac at The Lilypad. It was perfect for documenting Week in the Life.  Using Dropbox is easy in the Project Life app - you just upload the cards you want and can pick the cards directly in the app.  To save on data charges (I do have 2 teenagers who don't know how to turn off the phone for 5 minutes...) I download the primary ones that I wanted to use on my phone

To get the cards directly from Dropbox select the option  - you have to act as if you are adding a photo - not a journal card.

From there you can add text in Phonto or various options like Over or even Rhonna Designs. You can add elements in Phonto as well (without shadows) or even in Over with Shadows.

So here is the finished project... I love that there are so many options with the templates within the app . I do like to use the Design G option and then I trim the edge and use washi tape  on the cut edge within the Shutterfly book - its as close as I can get to the mixed page protectors I can use in the traditional binders.

I even got to see my IDOL  this week since Becky Higgins was at the Scrapbook was definitely a excellent way to end the week!!

I also started using Wendyzine new action for adding the correct border for Shutterfly printing with just one click - game changer!!  Here is the Project Life border action at Wendy's shop.

So the only decision I have still to make is do I include all the pages in my regular Project Life... but i can do that before I order my next book.. there is a coupon for Shutterfly for 50% off that expires this week ( affliate link if you want to order - at no extra cost for you. Shutterfly )

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