Friday, January 29, 2016

Class Review for Travel Scrapbooking with Amy Tan and GIVEAWAY!!!

I finished one of my 2016 goals today! (See all of my crafty goals in this post, here.) What better way to spend a cold , winter day when you are suffering from a sinus infection. I watched the last three lessons from this 7 lesson class  (with my hot tea and box of tissue). 

It has been a few years since I have done a full 12x12 layout yet I still gleaned a lot of good tips and tricks from this class. I could watch Amy Tan scrapbook the day away. And I almost did! 
Craftsy is an awesome resource for all sorts of crafty classes. And they have apps for your phone or tablet, which makes it super cozy for cuddling up with a warm beverage and snuggle blanket on the couch. Unless, you are trying to watercolor or paint along with the instructor. I don't advise attempting that from the couch. I'd probably accidentally drink the paint water....

The app is super slick. There is a button for a 30 second replay if you didn't quite catch something. There are several options for slowing down or speeding up the video. Amy Tan with a fast chimpmunk voice is always good fun!

Each lesson was divided into parts, so it was a easy to find any particular section again later. In this particular class, the two lessons on mini-albums and pocket pages were my favorite, but I loved them all. She always has a way of making me want the same tools she has! I immediately started applying some of the techniques I saw in my pocketpages. 

Another neat feature of these classes is that you can interact with the instructor! Amy Tan will respond to your questions!

If you are an Amy Tan fangirl (who isn't?!), you will love her class on Craftsy. I paid $15 for this class (sale price), and there are plenty of other options in the same price range. They go on sale once in awhile, too! 

(Links below ARE affiliate links) I only share things I have tried and love. 

Here is the Travel Scrapbooking with Amy Tan class link:

Travel Scrapbooking With Amy Tan

And RIGHT NOW through 1/31/2016 you can enter win 5 FREE CRAFTSY CLASSES!


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