Monday, March 2, 2015

Embellishing Becky Higgins PL App pages

Last time I talked about how I was using Just Jaimee's Storytellers Kit for working on my Spain vacation album.  Now I will share I also use Becky Higgins Project Life app pages and how I embellish to get 75% of my page done on the go.

First up here is the page exported directly from the app to document some of our transportation modes and the apps that helped me get through our trip since I am the primary trip planner.

I could have added a a journal card instead of the filler card and been good to go but since this trip is once in a life time I wanted to add a bit more to make it "fancier". I like the look of stitching on my pages so that I can add a little depth to the background.  There are many great options - my favorite are Traci Reed's Stitched Grids from Sweetshoppe Designs is a great option.

Here it is with the grid and a great travel alpha

Finally a couple of small embellishments and text - and done! I love that there are so many options with digi scrapping - super fancy or very simple with a lot in between.

Final version with some text added and a few simple elements - from Just Jaimee's Quinn Storyteller's Collection.
Simple but effective.

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